Roof Maintenance

Atlantis Roofing Offers Regular Roof Maintenance for the Elk Grove Area

Did you know you can prolong the life of your roof, ensure minimum deterioration, and prevent roof leaks through regular maintenance? Just like your driveway, your front yard, and your back yard, your roof needs to be looked after periodically. Atlantis Roofing, Inc. will help you keep your roof maintained by performing roof inspections and needed repairs at regular intervals.

Our 12-point inspection includes:

  1. Checking the age of roof
  2. Inspecting weather blocking
  3. Checking for water leaks or interior water stains
  4. Inspecting the decking for deterioration and rot
  5. Checking the fascias or overhangs for dry rot
  6. Searching for loose or sliding tiles or shingles
  7. Ensuring that miter connections are properly sealed
  8. Checking the flashings for damage and corrosion
  9. Searching for broken and missing tiles or shingles
  10. Looking for exposed underlayment
  11. Looking for algae and moss on roof
  12. Inspecting the roof valleys

Atlantis Roofing provides quality tile roof repairs and roof maintenance to the Elk Grove area.