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Are you in need of repairing the dry-rot on your roof?  Atlantis Roofing, Inc. offers the best dry-rot repair money can buy.

If you are located in  Elk Grove and your roof has dry-rot present at the eaves you must replace that wood with new one.

Many homes develop dry-rot for a number of reasons. Most of them will appear after prolonged exposure to water.  Dry-rot may be caused by missing or leaky gutters, missing or broken tiles, faulty or deteriorated roof flashings. Often the problem goes unnoticed for months, even years and there may already be extensive damage to the interior of the home when it is finally visible.


When the water makes its way under the tile for a long period of time, the wood will become damaged with dry rot.

New decking and underlayment is installed to make the roof water tight.








When you have Atlantis Roofing, Inc. come to your home, we will  inspect your roof to find out what caused the dry-rot in the first place.  We will give you an accurate estimate to repair the problem causing the dry-rot and an estimate to repair the dry-rot. We will help you make your home safer and  more beautiful.

How We Repair Dry-Rot

During the initial inspection, we find out what caused the roofing system to fail and find out how far the dry-rot extends.  We remove the tile and underlayment to see how many pieces of decking will have to be replaced from that area.  Then the damaged decking is removed and replaced to match the existing material of the home.  Once the decking is installed, we install with the desired underlayment and we will reinstall all previously removed tiles.

Call Atlantis Roofing, Inc. and Get Dry-Rot Roof Repair at Affordable Prices

At Atlantis Roofing, Inc., we believe in customer satisfaction, high quality materials, stellar workmanship, and efficient performance. We do a thorough job, replace all dry-rot on the damaged area, and clean your space completely before we declare the job finished.

If you require dry-rot roof repair services or would simply like more information, please call us today at (916) 505-3977.

Atlantis Roofing provides quality roof repair, roof maintenance to the Elk Grove area.